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Director’s Message


Our school is unique in that it enjoys a rich multicultural and diverse community.

We are a team of committed and innovative achievers dedicated to high levels of excellence and professional goals. Our staff members are all very well trained and geared towards the actual development of each individual learner in the institution.

This being an institution where Every Child Shines, we strive to work towards exploring and identifying each child’s talent so as to develop and improve each one of them as an individual. We also deliver an innovative curriculum that supports independent learning and promotes resilient students who are critical thinkers. We therefore, support every student with their academic social and emotional needs, thus nurturing them in mind, body and spirit.

Our really appreciate our partnership with each and every parent since they form the foundation of our pupils learning. We recognize that parents teach, guide and motivate their children in this learning journey making a major contribution to their educational success. We are pleased with the role you parents play in most of the activities that go on in our school.

At Ongata Royal Academy, we are proud of our students’ achievements who always strive to do their best in all areas. Here, discipline, responsibility and orderliness are the core values that we all cherish.

Together, we form a very amazing team.



Richard Mathu,