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Having been in this profession for 30 years, I have developed the need of having the child at heart by showing love and warmth to them. Our children need a person who would listen and feel with them as they also have their challenges in their different developmental stages. Through a closer walk with them, they get to learn to value themselves and also others.

Throughout its relatively short history (the School opened in 2011), Ongata Royal academy (ORA) has developed an enviable reputation for strong academic achievement, a nurturing pastoral care system(PPI), an established Christian tradition and a wide diversity of co-curricular activities. This demonstrates our endeavour to provide the best all-round education for our students by fully supporting them in their intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual development.

Our aspiration is for ORA students to be architects of their lives; looking beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary, in making a difference to the world in which they live. In encouraging our students to achieve their potential, we place a major emphasis on the creation of a dynamic teaching and learning environment, both within and outside the classroom.

I also firmly believe that it is the quality of the human relationships within a school that defines it, namely, the interrelations between students, staff and the entire community. It is the relational aspects of our school community that ensure the success of each child as they strive to achieve personal excellence.

At ORA, we work in partnership with you and your family in a supportive Christian community to nurture stimulates and challenge your child. Our highly professional, innovative and caring staff have been individually chosen to cater for the wide-ranging talents of each student and to offer a broad array of co-curricular activities. Working together, we can help your child reach their potential through a balanced involvement in the many facets of life in and out of School.

I hope you enjoy the insight into the life and values of ORA that this website gives

I look forward to welcoming you to Ongata Royal Academy.


Mrs. Mary Mathu,